Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Wind Drift: Change and Adjustment

From the Change Management Notes

The Wind Drift-the average direction of the wind over a period of time.

Bonifacio Global City BGC is a walking business district. Pedestrian lanes are in place in the squared blocks without any obstacles. On each block, there is a pedestrian traffic sign and a series of white strips painted on the street to mark a crossing lane. From the Net Lima Building at the 4th and 26th St, walk to Market Market towards the East is a leisurely 12 minute walk. To the St. Luke's Medical Center Global at the 32th St. towards North, it is a short 5-minute walk with interruptions at the blocks if the traffic lights flash red.

February when we moved in, walking back to Headquarters requires more effort because of the wind drift that blows harder as the day deepens creating a wind draft. Like going through change, adjusting requires effort and personal initiative to cope.

The Uniform.  Here at BGC, front flat slacks, leather shoes, blazers, collared shirts, signature eyeglasses, slung IDs, laptop bag and highlighted streaks of hair are the distinguishing marks of the evolving artifacts.

You know they are artifacts because they are phenomena that one sees, hears and feels, visible products of the group, visible behavior of the group and organizational processes and easy to observe but difficult to decipher.

Welcome to change management.

New Faces. New laughter. Fresh Stories. Some familiar figures are gone. Habitual responses no longer show up. The group you coalesce with is either incomplete, with a new face or worst non-existent anymore. Whether elimination or elimination, what is certain is a new team lead has taken over understanding your operations and sliding in his reforms.

There is discomfort because it is an adjustment period. There is containment because the rules have changed. There is some sort of uncertainty because your area of influence is now an area of concern.

The feelings are normal. Acknowledge them.  Eventually driving forces will show up to transition you to the new norm.

New artifacts challenge your values. What new values prevail? What can you ride on? Which ones are challenges? Be aware. Tap on them. They are key in tiding you over.

In managing change, help let go of the past. Some proven steps: Prepare them. Acknowledge change openly. Compensate for the loss. Take a part of the old. Say info over and over.  Elaborate on the ending. Mark endings-show how it ensures continuity. Treat the past with respect.

27 Feb 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Philippines is Where Home is

The family is the center of the Filipino.
The Filipino worker is at the core of industrial operations overseas.
Home with members of the family is where the elderly stays.
There is joy preparing a meal for the family.
This is the Philippines. This is my home.
Hands may not always be full but the heart is.
Triggered by the letter of Dr.David Harwell.
Benjamin Pimentel building on the insights wrote a reply.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog. FB. Tweet

I am principally a blogger via online internet using a laptop. Blogging allows me to expound ideas in stanzas and paragraphs limitless. With minimal visuals, I am able to frame a point of view.  It did not matter if it was not read. For as long as the thought is captured and recorded and can be looked back to aid recall at the appropriate moment, I am pleased.

Blogging provides me the discipline to contain and organize my lucid thoughts in a structured format. It is worth publishing if it is "a compelling idea well expressed."

Half a decade ago, I was created a Facebook account, a venue for social networking in visuals, video and in words directed to a set of acquired friends online. The open list of contacts added with the linkages attached to acquired friends is enough to keep the lines burning and the account alive. At the peak of usage especially when hot items are discussed and a constant probe by the system on "what's in your mind" the stream of messages from anywhere and anytime regardless of location and zone never settles.

Facebook even has a provision to quick acknowledgement increasing the exchanges directly or openly to all. Fortunately, there is a control safeguard where you can select friends and views to receive. FB eventually expanded to accommodate larger files, high definition videos and fotos initially slowing the system down.

Smart Phone changed the mobility of interaction. Starting with PALM then moving to IPhone and Galaxy, the unit initially used for Short Message Sending and phone calls is capable of sending and receiving the contents of a computer from anywhere, anytime in any condition.

Thousands of SMS, videos and visuals are transmitted in this handy small hardware capable in reaching a wider base of recipients. Linked with Facebook and blog, I eventually created a Twitter account to belong to the new generation of social networkers.

Twitter when connected with live media coverage of TV, cable or radio shows its competitive edge over blog and FB. There is live, real time interaction with practically anyone on planet earth who can type in a message on the phone or in a computer keyboard. Limited to just 140 characters though, it is sufficient to cleverly present a point-of-view to thousands of readers both of high and low profile, known and unknown and being responded to quickly with a reply. This containment of number of characters makes possible the multiple sending of ideas in shorter gaps to a huge base of followed twitters.
This social network phenomenon digitalizes human interaction.  Good, better, best?  Blog, good. FB, better. Twitter, best. If you wish to expound an idea, blog. If you wish to expand to a wider base, FB. If you wish quick and short interaction, Twitter. The foundation of the networking is human interaction. But as I get more engaged in the digital exchanges, I realized eventually that interaction without the establishing face-to-face experience remains to be empty in spite of the traffic. Nothing matches a senseless talk over beer with friends in a beer garden.

Chito R.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Thoughts

Expanding these ideas in a blog article:
  1. Blog is an expounded expression. Facebook is directed to a controlled audience. Tweet is short thought blasted in the open
  2. Iphone or Galaxy
  3. Desktop is to blog as laptop is to facebook and Iphone/Galaxy is to Tweet

Sunday, February 03, 2013

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Mcdo. Coffee @P25.0 Tweet tapping their wifi. Cinema Square, Greenbelt Paseo, Timog, Katipunan.

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ABS-CBN News Channel

VIDEO: Renowned National Geographic photographer Joe McNally on ANC

03:15 PM - 03 Feb 13
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Saturday, February 02, 2013

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Mcdo. Coffee @P25.0 Tweet tapping their wifi. Cinema Square, Greenbelt Paseo, Timog, Katipunan.

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Baguette and coffee in a French artisan bakery tucked in Samar st. QC
11:08 AM - 02 Feb 13

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