Monday, March 24, 2014

Test of Grit in the City

Metro Manila tested the grit of its mobile citizens this 24 March. A shuttle bus overturned in Sta Rosa Laguna constricting movement going North to the business center early morning. The mass transport system MRT along EDSA covered only half the distance reducing further its already overloaded capacity during the mad rush hour. Road and bridge repairs along major thoroughfares cut off critical road space inducing blockages. As if these were not enough, it rained in the afternoon. The options for mobility are decreasing but the patient and determined commuters can find a way: use of Maze, TrafficDito, mobile phone, walking, aggressive and offensive driving, combined use of transpo system are only some. Only the tough survives in Metro Manila. When you do, you can in any city of the world.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Small Task Big Win

One of the indicators of self-sufficiency is the ability to correct deviations using basic troubleshooting skills and sourcing resources to keep metrics on track. Fulfillment is when with little effort and low cost, corrected units are reset to standard to perform if not at par, better. I listed some of my accomplishments requiring small tasks but big in wins. These discoveries snowball to getting bigger tasks done knowing one is capable and can appreciate the benefits of the results. More emoticons mean bigger win for the troubleshooter and the user, who is one and the same person.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Cafeteria or Cafe?

Young Chefs Paolo and Mark
Tucked behind Mercury Drugstore in Katipunan is a food outlet disguised as a cafeteria and dressed like a cafe. Food dish is oriental mainly Filipino prepared not by a cook but by chefs. Thus expect some twists. Offered per meal time are at least 11 varieties of freshly cooked viands. Price though is slightly off your neighborhood cafeteria. When you find out that their coffee beans are sourced from Italy costing P35.0 a cup, you will be convinced Blu Kitchen is a Cafe.  

Morning meals are prepared by Chefs Paolo Mendoza and Mark Gonzalez, graduates of the Center for Culinary Studies. (The owner himself Kons, is a graduate of advanced culinary course abroad.)
When you further discover that it is an impeccably clean place, you will not have second thoughts returning to Blu. The real satisfaction that Blu offers is the excitement of looking forward to eating an Oriental meal everyday. Make that every other day.


 noun \ˌka-fə-ˈtir-ē-ə\
: a place (such as a restaurant or a room in a school) where people get food at a counter and carry it to a table for eating
 noun, often attributive \ka-ˈfā, kə-\
: a small restaurant where you can get simple meals and drinks (such as coffee)
Definitions from Merriam-Webster