Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mailing in November

This November I mailed several books to different destinations.
  1. First package dispatched contained 2 books weighing over 600 grams to Singapore via DHL costing P 1,230 last 15 November before noon. It was acknowledged by the recipient after noon the following day. Transaction was tracked in detail online. Impressive!
  2. On the same day I also mailed the same number of books to New York via Phil Postal Corporation or PhilPost. I paid P 1,630 via snail pace. It was received 29 November about 2 weeks after sending. Recipient confirmed receipt via email. Rate was at a premium rated according to the longer delivery time. Lags behind in rating!
  3. Last 24 November, I mailed a 700 gram parcel bearing 4 books to the East Coast via EMS of the PhilPost which was costed out at P 2,100. I am still tracking its whereabouts via its tracking site. Good Value ! compared to the Phil Postal regular mail, if eventually received on the 8th day as projected.
  4. Other mailing services are LBC with comparable DHL rates (P2,060 for parcels within 50 grams) and with more accessible receiving counters in Metro Manila. Also has a website which tracks and confirms receipt online. A poor man's version of LBC is JR Express at a comparatively lower cost at P 1,900 for the 1st 500 grams. Fewer outlets though in the city but a reliable provider internationally especially locally.

The Philippine Postal Office has served me well decades ago. Now with fewer and older frontliners, it still is there delivering  reliable service. While the more modern commercial distribution centers and mailing outlets  are providing competitive rates and superior service, the post office is still a force to reckon with. It is an institution you've associated with pleasant memories, letters, postcards and stamps. Call it emotional involvement. Thrill-wise, it promises suspense not knowing when the mail will arrive.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, even if slightly delayed.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thoughts from a transformational leadership session 

Thoughts from a transformational leadership session 
At which level does your relationship operate on? Superficial, functional or essence?

Are you coming from scarcity or abundance?

To be a high performing individual contributing to a high performing organization, are you guided by:

  • Abundance rather than scarcity?
  • Welcoming or resisting change?
  • Delivering results in quantum leaps and bounds or in incremental growths?
  • Ownership rather than compliance?

Choice is yours, always yours.
When you do decide, commit yourself to it.
Ask support to make it easy. 
Celebrate the success!
Meet you at the next level.


Friday, November 26, 2010


Pinoy Mountaineer wrote an article on snakes making me recall my own experience.

What vivid recollection of the snake experience from the previous posts. Encounters with the reptile are unforgettable, thus easy to recall even if they happened years and decades ago. This invitation from the blogger made me recall just three which for now remained hanging because I have yet to identify the snake type.

While trekking on a flat bushy trail trailing a fellow trekker with backpack about meters away in Batanes in the 90’s, a green thin snake from the elevated ridge jumped to the female’s backpack and slid down quickly to the dirt trail. The backpacker did not even sense the threat to her life.

Another recurrence was in Pico de Loro at about the same decade in an elevated bushy trail which we converted to a campsite for the day. Cooking near the tent late afternoon, a big snake suddenly crawled near the make shift kitchen. It eventually moved away but made us speculate, how many more were out there. What species it was is still a question until now.

There was a repeat at Pico de Loro in another climb. While trekking in the open field going towards the mountain under the hot sun, a big snake popped up in the trail. It turned out it was just passing through but it made us stop

The fear for snakes is more pronounced as I have viewed more features in both the Discovery Channel and NatGeo. Not until I can learn to identify and tag the snakes as poisonous and fatal, I will continue to avoid them.

Bordering on safety, I always carry a snake bite kit, but in actuality have with no confidence and know how in using it.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Email Blog Posting on To Do

In my Thoughts
  1. Meeting Beth Angsioco and Giney Villar of Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant after a satisfying meal
  2. Learning to say "No" to filter out unnecessary tasks
  3. Recalling encounter with snakes triggered by contributions to pinoymountaineer's article
  4. Building a collection of Philippine culinary books
  5. Comparing rates and speed of sending out packages abroad via DHL, LBC, Johnny Air Cargo and Phil Post Office
  6. Reestablishing ties with climbing groups
  7. Sourcing and collecting reserva and rated wines
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mastering the Landscape Feature of Nikon S70

Mastering the Landscape Feature of Nikon S70

Photo read out on the LED screen says 1,504 fotos. That's an average of 79 JPEGs per week since I purchased this handy alternative point and  shoot camera; quite high relative to my usage a year ago on other cameras. While it promised simplicity of operation, so far the only feature I mastered after several weeks is the landscape scene taken outdoors under sufficient lighting.

At times, the JPEG viewed at the my computer screen elicits awe, a few times though in wonder.  "I wonder how that happened?" View with me a coverage of old structures taken recently in an old town in South Luzon, in Taal Batangas.

Subject on doors and windows is timely as annually during these closing
months of the year, I never failed to ask myself what is in store for
next year for me. 
At least with the camera, I know I need to master next the portrait and close up features.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

NG's Great Migration

National Geographic's Great Migrations which premiered on Philippine cable 46 (Sky Cable) last 7 November at 9PM dramatically narrated the story of animal mass movement.

Tagging the global activity with the slogan "Move as Millions. Survive as One." the scene on predators preying on the moving animals was provocative and eventually disturbing.

The premiere episode aptly ended with the sign off line "Move . . . move . . . move . . . and survive." visually recapping how a young wildebeest failed to cross the river as she was eaten by a hungry crocodile. Mother was looking helplessness while her baby was crying until her last voice was drowned out by the fierce reptile.

Track the movement of million of red crabs as they face the struggle of surviving against a million of ants, zebra against leopards and th stunning flight of butterflies.

Watch this documentary. In the forthcoming series, different sets of animals will be featured. Only stones will not be moved by the Great Migrations.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Act of Kindness

I assisted a blind grandma in selecting a bar of Safeguard at a price, size and offer acceptable to her.

As I was wandering at the toiletry aisle of Hi Top Supermarket in Aurora Boulevard, I spotted an old short pleasant woman reaching out for a bar of soap with difficulty. Initially I thought it was the height of the shelf. 

As I went closer, it turned out she could not
Striking a conversation, lola knew what she wanted but could not check the price, promo pack and the 3 varying pack sizes.

Instinctively, I gathered the packs for her to touch and read aloud the prices. After a a 10-minute selection process, she finally decided to get 3 medium sized white for over a hundred.

She was happy with her choice, I even happier for the chance to do an act of kindness, fulfilled that I made a contribution.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Enderan book’s Manila’s Best Kept Secret

The Enderan book’s Manila’s Best Kept Secret lists it as of the top 60 restaurants in Metro Manila. It is also included in Manila by Day, a practical guidebook on where to find "premium alternative" services and outlets in the city.

Barcino Gourmet, a Spanish restaurant along Julia Vargas Ortigas featuring Spanish wines is a cut above mainstream restaurants. It specializes in a particular cuisine that is not inihaw.  It is not beer centric.

In the company of friends who wanted to get away from it all, we discovered our linkage to a colonizer. Willingly, it was through the stomach that we surrendered ourselves.

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