Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gift of Presence

There are people that come in and out of our lives at work, in school and at play. To some, I too come in and out of their influence and circle.

In my personal vision I declared decades ago, I stated "I can get in and out of adventure for as long as I have a place to come home to and move up and around again."

For now, it is retreating back home to prepare for the next possibilities. Personally, I express my thanks for the enriching moments and the gifts of your presence.

Some people enter our lives like deer, slipping in and out of the woods.
They touch our earth and as we step to look at them they disappear as quietly as they came.
But you feel blessed for having experienced their gentle presence.
 "Presence" by Joan Metzner

Sunday, June 09, 2013


At a hidden coffee shop in Marikina
Over the weekend, with colleagues after field work, we had an interesting conversation in an outlet that initially could not be located but eventually found. After settling down tucked on a corner that rainy evening, even the strong rains could not hamper the insights I gathered that night.

Two important insights I picked up in dealing with a group are: One is communication is important. Not just communicating but connecting. Secondly, leadership to what drives us to reach a valuable goal faster.

My personal learning from the conversation are "it is unlocking that one critical hurdle to drive associates to be motivated" and to be the lead, "pivoting success on the current No. 1." There is a reality of getting discouraged derailing us. What puts up back on track is the clarity of our end state to be successful.

It validated to me that each of us have our ways to be successful. But what is important is the way to our own dreams, a destination that is personally meaningful and valuable to us. I believe all of us are capable of attaining them.

Happy Saturday! Salamat sa salad, inumin, sakay at paanyaya. Saan ang susunod?


What I use when relating with challenging persons-the art of tiempo 1st then the art of kambyo (heard
over DZUP 1602am).

Tiempo is the equivalence of Consideration in 7 Habits and Connect in Collaboration for Value. Kambyo is courage in 7H and the Create/Align in C4V. As tiempo and kambyo is an art, the balancing part is up to the person.

Play it well and it will drive you to the dream state of your life.

Thoughts in Mind

  • Seeing through freshly recruited sales associates and team leads transform to a performing unit
  • Experiencing change myself
  • After having discovered what I accomplished, designing the dream of the immediate tomorrow
  • Checkpoint against the originally stated 7 Habits' Personal Mission
  • Advocacy work of unlocking a person with a roadmap to realize their full potential
  • Value of connecting not just communication and leading not just for a result but for an important task
  • Friendship and expressions as currencies other than power, wealth, knowledge, acceptance
  • The balance of the year