Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Batangas, Laguna Getting Too Crowded and Dense?

Foto grabbed from Larry Honoridez' FB post
Explore the Masinag-Cogeo-Bosoboso, Antipolo-Baras-Tanay loop on the east side of Rizal. Someone coined it as Marilaque Road (for Manila-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon). My loop is a 100 km route that starts from Katipunan passing through Marcos Highway, goes up to Masinag, Cogeo, Bosoboso until the descent at the Sampaloc-Infanta, Daranak-Tanay junction. The road takes you gradually from the foot of the mountain to its ridge at a height of about 2,900 feet ASL and a return back to civilization at Morong and Baras Rizal. The ride over concrete road all the way (except for a 3 km gap) exposes you to greenery and bald mountain ridges. Noted landmarks are the Paenaan Camping Farm in Antipolo, Habitat for Humanity and Foremost Farm in Barangay Pinugay Baras, Manila Seedling Bank tree farm, Mt. Kanumay (also the Susong Dalaga), Rizal Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Center in Palayang Bayan, Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal, Sierra Madre Resort, Camp Mateo Capinpin on Barangay Sampaloc Tanay and Daranak Falls.
On a motored vehicle, you can cover the loop in 2 ½ hours, a full day on a pedaled bicycle. Completing the circuit, it makes me ask, why am I locked up in a crowded and densely populated city when there is this vast open space just an hour away. Need I answer?

Explore it by day to avoid the potential security dangers. From the account of columnist Mr. Neal Cruz www.inq7.net/opi/2003/dec/04/opi_nhcruz-1.htm a lot of violations in the area have been committed in developing the area. Not to mention the set up of reconnaissance military camp towards the Tanay side. Just take the necessary precautions. At times, one takes risks to get the most out of life. See you on the road!

30 August 2004

Mesau’s Climb www.geocities.com/mesau1982/kanumay.htm

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