Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The bloggers are taking a break.

The bloggers are taking a break.

http://www.chinito.net. chinito.net is currently undegoing changes. Please bear with me. Hopefully I'd get the site up and running in a few days. For messages, email me at chinito.factor@gmail.com. – chinito

http://www.ironwulf.net. This blog is moving quite slow lately, not because I am “busy” but because I chose not to write anything at the moment. I have been very careful to write lately as I may divulge information that may compromise me or other people as well. Let’s keep some things a mystery as the world should be, driven by the unknown. Don’t worry, I am not about to abandon this blog as it has been very helpful to me in some way but I’ll be in an indefinite hiatus for a while. The ronin has to master some secret sword techniques and do some grueling mental training as well. Will be living in a cave for a while. But you may catch me meditating under a waterfall once in a while.

http://gutterboy.blogdrive.com. Magpapalam muna si roni_blog sa pagb-blog. Marami siyang iniisip. At sa pagkakataoong ito, nahihirapan siyang magisipt habang nagsusulat (One of my favorite young writers transferred to http://ronnie-md.blogspot.com).

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