Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Everest, The Elusive Filipino Dream

Notes on Mr. Art Valdez' talk in the PALMC assembly on the First Filipino Ascent to Mt. Everest

This climb has ever since been a vision of the original MFPI founders. Its attainment remains to be elusive but the developments in the last century are slowly and painstakingly bringing them closer to realize the dream. This is with the help of the younger climbers in collaboration with the seasoned ones. The climb to Everest is a
climb via the traditional way: train and complete as a team. There will be neither be shortcuts nor fast tracks.

The process and hopefully the successful step is a testament to the faith in the Filipino, that yes, the Filipino can.

As the first Filipino mountaineer steps on the roof of the world for the first time in 2007, underneath that foot are the shoulders of the members of the Filipino team, the entire nation and the Filipino climbing community.

To climb this way, the climber must be prepared physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially. Of these, it is the financial that may be the most difficult to hurdle.

Art enjoins PALMC to support this grand endeavor. He invited Chairman John Fortes to organize a send off party at the base camp.

Chito at the PALMC Training Center 4 May 2005 with Mr. Fred Jamili and Mr. Larry Honoridez

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