Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pinoy Mountaineer Big Brother Reality Climb

Inspired by Pinoy Big Brother Reality Show over ABS-CBN
Also similar to My Private Eye and Das Experiment
Put together a select group of mountaineers with various orientations and origins in an exotic mountain like Talinis, Halcon, Banahaw or Pulag. Let them camp for 45 days cover them online 24/7 broadcast over Discovery Channel. They are exposed to adverse and challenging situations trekking, rock climbing, river crossing, camping, rappelling, cooking, socializing, drinking, tree planting and other environment friendly undertakings.

There are only three rules:
1. Respect for nature
2. True to one self
3. Survival of the group

An omnipresent leader called Expedition Brother gives out daily tasks and missions for the moment. He could be a past federation president, pioneer club founder or the head of the Mt. Everest team expedition. A web cam follows the trekkers wherever they go day and night including their private moments.

Every other three days, one of them is booted out. Criteria? Least deserving, high risk, not a team player, threat to the environment. The remaining three win an all expense trip for a month stay at the Himalayas plus a promise of international fame. All of them get a Land Rover Discovery 4x4 all terrain sports utility vehicle.

Who could be nominated? MFPI club members, MMS, Pinoyclimbers, PALMC egroups subscribers, Visayas, Mindanao, Cordilleras mountaineers, member of the Everest Team and other pioneer clubs in the Philippines. For added excitement, Singaporean, Malaysian and Sherpas can be invited.

What situation can the Expedition Brother give? And if there are sanctions, they could be like cook for all fetch water, sweep, and install bolts and hangers on new walls, set up the camp for the community, chronicle all daily activities, chart our compass courses, bring down trash, clean up.

How’s that for a new topic for our climbing socials. Any other wild ideas?

-tochs 30 August 2005

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