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Life in Katipunan

Life in Katipunan
Written 19 June 1997

My Katipunan used to be a quiet street that connects U.P to Aurora Blvd.
Now it connects Bulacan to Laguna.
It has become like an EDSA. Worse it is now EDSA with the LRT construction constricting travel in the major thoroughfare.

Crossing the overpass that links Loyola Heights to Blue Ridge used to be a feast for the eyes. The Sierra Madre on the Marikina side steals the attention from the windshield. On a clear day, Mt. Makiling in Laguna is also visible. We have now been denied this, censored by a high wall that almost says, "You are not entitled to this appreciation." Thank you to whoever initiated this project.

Katipunan-C-5's traffic is well managed by MMDA traffic aides, religiously. Even with the volume of vehicles, traffic flows. Innovations like counter flows, closing P. Tuazon crossings; no U-turns are regular occurrences. To a certain extent they yield faster flows. At least you know you'll get to Corinthian without much stress.

But what’s irritating is:
When some big shots stop traffic, violate traffic flows using uniformed men in big motorcycles to push them upfront. Our poor MMDA aides just have to give in to their bullying, while we have to wait.
When the pacing is too slow that blind beggars queuing up for your window also builds up.
When the aides in rare occasions are not in their post unpredictably. Could it be it's their payday? Or some politicians used them for other purposes? Or they simply just gave up? I couldn't see the pattern.

Patient as we are, we just have to surrender to progress. Wait for the newly trees planted at Ateneo to grow and provide the shade in future summers to come. Or savor the end to end of Sta. Maria Della Strada to The Mormon Church in White Plains while they are still there..

19 June 1997
Chito Razon

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