Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Km 256 in Sta Cruz Zambales

Barangay Naulo Km 256 in Sta Cruz Zambales is a five hour drive from Quezon City. It is a quaint quiet barangay of a town North West of Metro Manila. The last town of Zambales, it is the favorite hangout of those who want recluse and exclusivity.

The dark blue sea and sand complement the long stretch of uninhabited shoreline both in the North and South. You would think that no one inhabits the place except for a handful of fisherman you’d spot at the horizon.

The prize you earn for a long ride to Manila is this idyllic place. Yet it has the convenience of a big rest house, furnished kitchen and master’s bedroom, television and Globe, Smart, Sun signals. What our practical group mates like best is a Pamilihang ng Sta Cruz is just over 10 kilometers away.

Some snapshots of the neighboring town Candelaria, Zambales and the activities this 23 April 2005.

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