Friday, September 12, 2008

Apocalypto and My Halcon

Apocalypto traces the end of a civilization and the start of a new one in the Mayan jungles before the Spanish invasion of 1492.

Viewing the film of Actor/ Director Mel Gibson starring Rudy Youngblood as Jaguar Paw is like a virtual climb to Mt. Halcon.

Set in the rain forest, it tracks the capture of an able tribe from their village to another center and the escape of its leader Jaguar running swiftly and violently for his life.

The settlers are aborigines similar to the Mangyans except that they are of American-Indian descent. A Pinoy mountaineer can identify with the tropical rainforest, the river in Lantuyan, harsh rain and the sounds of the movie shot in actual location in Veracruz and Costa Rica in South America. While the majestic waterfall is breathtaking, it nevertheless is not a strange natural resource in both the trail to Durungawan and Sablayan. The Jaguar is our baboy damo, the fatal frog is a palaka, the quicksand our kumunoy (although the only one we stepped on was in Mr. Talinis in the South).

Completing the 120 minute movie where one completed the full circle relaxed then struggling did not exhaust me out despite the violence. It must be because the sight of the virgin forest like an actual climb was invigorating.

There is something common between the movie and the Halcon climb, in keeping us suspense. It kept us guessing whether we could complete the climb (fortunately we did) and if Jaguar would succeed in returning back alive. In Apocaplyto, Jaguar escapes from his captors to return back to home, climbers go to the mountains to escape from home.

Gideon wrties about Halcon's possible re-opening for climbs.

Apocalypto is currently showing and replayed at Star Movie, Skycable Manila.

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