Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Plan a Climb via CyberSpace

In Simple Steps via CyberSpace
  1. Start with a clear purpose why you want to climb. Read PALMC’s “Why Do I Climb?”
  2. Set the destination to climb. Choose initially from the listing of Metropolitan Mountaineering Society list of itineraries. (Update to http://www.pinoymountaineer.com/)
  3. Locate the mountain in the map. NAMRIA guides you. (Update to http://wikimapia.org/)
  4. Complete equipment requirements. Review PLDT’s MC expedition checklist.
  5. Before you leave, check the weather in Weather News or call Telephone # 813-0679 for daily forecast. (Update to http://www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/ or http://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/)
  6. Climb. (Cyberspace cannot do this for you!)
  7. Complete your climb with a journal. Read Meralco’s Pulag Chronicles. (Update to http://ialman.livejournal.com/ for narration and visual or http://www.ironwulf.net/)
  8. If climbing is for you, check out affiliated clubs in Bundok’s listing. (Update to http://mfpi.wordpress.com/)
  9. If it really is for you, put up a club. Trace UPM’s club history. (Update to http://upmountaineers.multiply.com/)
  10. Be guided by the Wilderness Ethics (still the same):
• Prepare well.
• Respect local practices.
• Be conscious of your impact on the wilderness.
• Camp well.
• Carry down all garbage.
• Practice healthy sanitation.
• No chemicals on the river for washing yourself and dishes.
• No fires.
• No smoking.
• Respect space of others.
• Be involved.

Embrace the new thinking of “Leave No Trace."
First published December 26, 1995, updated Dec 2009 Chito Razon

Foto courtesy of Rico

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