Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tropang Rad-yo Septic Tank

Tropang Rad-Yo sa DZUP reviewed Ang Babae sa Septic Tank in their Friday 7-8PM show featuring anchor Jane with guest reviewer Chryl with a qualifier, they do user review where insights of mainstream viewers are expressed (as compared to critics’ review.)

Their one hour review kept me glued at 1602 AM band while driving from Manila to Q as the assessment of the Marlon Rivera and Chris Martinez’ movie was in itself building up to a climax.

First 10 minutes were devoted to warm ups on anything trivial by the two radio personalities. Then they provided backgrounder on the writer, director, Cinemalaya and nature of indie film in general until they narrated the storyline of Chris’ story without revealing and spoiling. Towards the end, the two reviewers expressed their personal experiences as viewers capping it with a short tribute to the actress Eugene Domingo.

Like a professional radio show, they were extro and intro spiels breaking the segments. Intros were devoted to topline summaries of key info about the topic designed to set up currently tuned in on what transpired and tp those newly tuned in to be on board the discussion.

Unlike other Tropang Rad-Yo sa DZUP days where Jane was dominant, aggressive, unstoppable and even rowdy drowning out her male co-anchors, she is cool, intimate and conversational effectively engaging her radio listeners. Whenever her movie expert partner Chryl speaks, she would fade out giving the serious reviewer the air.

Review was informative, engaging because it was substantial and intelligent. It made you appreciate the storyline, twists, intent and effective segments of the movie which was assessed as deserving of the critics’ recognition of the movie.

It was also because the movie selected for review was insightful assessed by two intelligent hosts who saw beyond the seeming mainstream drama to the statement of the artists’, a dig on indie and on the artist themselves.

(By the way, the listener has only seen the movie preview but plans to enjoy watching the film eventually.)

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