Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Toiling the Soil and Renewing Bond with Nature

The clamor for a special climb for associates affiliated with a personal leadership group PSI finally pushed through this 3 March. It has been about 2 decades since members of the group climbed together. Based on my recollection, the last one was in Mt. Pulag in the nineties.

The inertia to jumpstart this activity was quite a challenge despite the advance notices provided by Nolan and Nelson, the group patch created by Claude, birthday/reunion bash hosted by Joy D.A. and the postings in the social media network then an unfamiliar medium the Facebook.

While setting a target date from January 21, 2012 was quite an effort, the original appointed date of February 4-5 was postponed or eventually cancelled. The scale tipped to better likelihood was it was repackaged as a Farm Field Visit cum Day Climb, private transportation available, no special equipment required and estimated to cost only slightly over P500. It ended with an awesome finish sufficient to trigger fond memories of the past and clamor for more.

In the company of Nolan, Nelson and Ann, Joy B and daughter Victoria, we met up with couples Joy D.A. and Kerry in a remote barangay in San Miguel Bulacan. We were given an orientation on farming, planting and harvesting amidst a plantation of a special variety of melon, hybrid high yielding rice, duo bearing Japanese corn and chili immediately after a hosted lunch.

Early in the afternoon, we were transported to Barangay Sibul, a good 30 minute ride from the farm to the jump-off of Madlum Cave and Mt. Manalmon.

The almost one hour trek to reach an altitude of 180 MASL and a 45 minute descent was enough to affirm the capability to climb and to renew interest with nature. Renewal with nature was compounded by the experience of walking through a plantation, touching the soil and appreciating how a seed grows to an edible organic food.

More than the completion, this day activity offered a lot more to me. Man’s needs for food, shelter and fulfillment stem from nature. Renewing interest with the soil and natural wonder yields pleasure far greater than one would rationalize provided there has been deep seated relationship planted in the past. We merely came back that weekend.

Fotos grabbed from Joy and Nelson albums.

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