Monday, April 09, 2012

The Gift of the Inner Light

St. Peter Square
A day travel can likewise be a spiritual journey.  Without spirituality, respite is only temporary. The sights and sounds of people, churches, artifacts, food and nature prepare us for a better appreciation of Easter.
As I returned back to the city for the balance Holy Week activity, the message of Fr. Arnel Aquino's Easter Message said at the Cenacle Sisters' convent lingered in my mind. It centered on the Inner Light. It is this light founded on Christ that keeps us going despite the darkness we face.  It is in us and cannot be extinguished.

Stairs leading to the Cumbento

The inner light is the gift of the resurrection. To quote "This is the gift of the Resurrection—the gift of Christ nevermore to be bound by space nor time, flesh nor fragility.  So that as Spirit, he may be with all of us at the same time, forever."

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