Saturday, December 22, 2012

UP Concert Chorus Korus 50

Concert Poster
One choir performance in a small hall by 28 disciplined and musically talented choir members is enough to send shivers down the audience’ spine. Imagine the magnitude of impact of hearing 28 carefully selected pieces sang by 128 musically trained sopranos, altos, tenors and basses in a 2,300 filled university theater. That was the UP Concert Chorus Korus 50 staged at the UP Diliman Theater last 21 December 2012 (21.12.2012).

This once-in-a-lifetime event is a gathering of star-studded alumni and members of the university choir performing ”hits, religious songs, show-stoppers and grand numbers captured” in 9 segments in 3 ½ hours.
Each segment intends to capture the spirit behind the batch and era starting with a strong opening building up to a grand finale.  Segments are memorable, carefully crafted to say a story ending with the house joining the talents on stage singing Handel’s Hallelujah and UP Naming Mahal. Transitioning to the next batch is a slide show featuring the group on tour, in a performance, on rehearsal accompanied by a recorded soundtrack. Highlights are described in poetic lines written by UPCC alumni Raul Castro.
Program Souvenir Cover
A fresh concept of the anniversary show is the insert of two memorable points of interest: death and wedding.  In Memoriam pays tribute to members who have passed away most prominent of which is Professor Rey Paguio.  UPCC Singing Sweethearts recognizes the pairs who pursued their relationships.

This anniversary creation directed on stage by Alexander Cortez pays tribute to the individual talents that make up the choir, their group, the college, the UP institution, the country moving up to the world, music in general and to ultimate almighty.

Programme. Click to enlarge
50 decades of music in a night with Egay Manguiat, Jai-Sabbas-Aracama, Ramon Santos and Kitchy Valedellon-Molina taking turns conducting the choir.  For that brief moment when UPCC was singing, heaven must have opened up to let their music in.
God gifted the members of the UP Concert Chorus with talents. With their sterling performance in UP Korus 50, they have returned the gift to the creator.

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