Friday, October 04, 2013

Watching a Singing Contest TV Broadcast as an Audience

I had the experience of viewing a live telecast of the grand finale of the VoicePH at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at the Resorts World.
Compared to watching on television or attending a concert, I expected thrill to the max.
·         There is a live performance backed by a live band and performances by hot celebrities.
·         Giant video screens are in front of you simulating a TV viewing with concert-like audio system.
·         Texting is a must as this is a text-based popularity show.
·         As an audience of a live show, one too is a performer following the instruction of the floor director on the appropriate behavior and response.
·         Celebrities are on sight left and right.

It isn't easy to be part of the live audience. Effort is exerted:  Secure a ticket, show up 3 hours in advance of the telecast hour, locate convenient parking, fall in line, wait an hour for the gates to open, follow instructions. Pleasure of a multi-medium experience is not cumulative.  As a theater and a concert goer and at the same time an active netizen, I expected a heightened adventure sitting in that prime upholstered theater chair. No it wasn't.

It was because I with hundred others was just part of the props to excite and enhance the TV viewers' pleasure. At some point, I was watching the live staging. Then drawn to the giant screen. After a noting something newsworthy, compose a text. Every now and then, the floor directors calls our attention. What made this worthwhile was reading tweets from all over using Mini Opera triggered by the activity emanating from where I was.

As a 1st time experience, nevertheless it was still a worthwhile considering the insights I discovered.

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