Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Suffering Man

Cross at the Manila Cathedral
As humans, we experience joy in living as well as pain.

When we are in pain and sense helplessness, remember compassion, with passion. We are assured that Christ understands. That is the mystery of redemption when Christ became man to experience the passion.
Cross at the grandstand
Suffering to us is symbolized by the poor, elderly handicapped, individuals separated from family, the helpless, victims of natural calamities and the lonely whose human dignity is compromised.

Burdens are further made more difficult in general by society due to social inequality and the denial of support from fellowmen, institutions like church, bodies, communities and the government.

Like the challenged, all of us as ordinary mortals face through struggles as well. There are times we face difficulties and go through moments when there are no answers. Faith tells us to look up to Christ as he understands. Allow Him to surprise us.
Cross at the Cathedral altar

Faith opens us up to hope. As Filipinos, it is our deep faith that gives us a profound dignity. Most of the time we recover. When we overcome, it validates the promise of redemption.

Continue to commune with God in prayer and to the communities through action.

Pope Francis State and Pastoral Visit Post Mortem Reflection 20 Jan 2015

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