Saturday, March 19, 2016

Discovering Mulat, scholarly paper and audio visual exhibit forum

Academic paper presentation especially on subjects of socially significant phenomenon interests me. More so if the papers are from students of the State University.

Catching the tail end of the four day forum, the program flow follows a format in presenting the two sections, the paper presentation and criticism and the audio video exhibit. Hosts provide intro, presenters discuss their paper to the audience and to a panel, a critic reacts to the presentation, the audience throws their questions and segment ends with the host giving a short summary. When the sessions resume, audio video exhibits are presented. After the last presentation, the creators are introduced and expound of their works. Floor is open to question and answer.

A wealth of academic outputs and creative AV works was revealed to the public in the Mulat: 6th Sining Del Pilar at the UP College of Mass Communication from 15-18 March 2016 to an audience in the college studio and to the outside world via radio broadcast, web streaming and social media such as Facebook, Twitter. Synopses of the works of the 13 papers and 13 clusters of audio visual exhibits are in the printed abstract issued for free to the participants. Papers and exhibits are works of the undergraduate and graduate students of the college adding documented references to the dynamic social discipline.

Sitting in the studio with about a hundred participants is like sitting in a million dollar seat where the authors of the abstracts and respected subject matter experts dissect the profundity of the works although very briefly. Through the online streaming and DZUP radio broadcast, the knowledge is shared with perhaps a hundred or thousand other scholars in Metro Manila and all over the world.

It is through social media from the Facebook page that I first learned about Mulat. First I expressed Interest, viewed a sampling through a live online streaming then eventually declared going. The learning experience was further enhanced attending the live sessions at the studio in the company of other students, scholars from the university and other schools, interacting with the creators and reading more information of their works in the handed written abstract.

I look forward to appreciating the works in depth when the condensed online summary is made available. Mulat is UP CMC’s gift to scholars and to those keeping track of scholarly works. Professionally conducted, it is not surprising that this is 100% student collaboration. After all, it is a State University CMC initiative. Looking forward to the 7th.

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