Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pain and Struggle of a Helpless Pinoy Teen Rapper and a Solo Child

Respeto and Kiko Boksingero. One complex and powerfully impacting, the other pure and simple. Both are entries in the 2017 Cinemalaya 13.

 #RespetoIn the 1st few minutes, I was engaged. With Hendrix's body language, I got to know him deeper, liked him and his friends. Then I was hurt, hurt again and again especially with his helplessness. With a shared experience of depression with Hendrix's father figure Doc, he got consoled. He and his patron eventually recovered. I too recovered. Until the pain has become unbearable. Such is the
tragedy and destiny. Respeto is not just our story told well in a film, it is a universal statement of humanity.

#KikoBoksingero is a dramatization of a gap left behind by an absentee father. Kiko, my 1st film for Cinemalaya 13 narrates a longing for completeness filled in slowly and gradually with eventual resolution. The crafting is in the simple details, in the nuances of expression, staging, linear sequencing, simplicity bringing out raw emotions one can relate to. Uses boxing as a metaphor for parenthood.

Respeto and Kiko. Both stories tell struggles of the youth. Their growth is made easier with an identified mentor they can connect with to fill in the gaps. What is untold is how they can cope without them and who will eventually benefit from their own eventual mentoring.

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