Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Inspiring Living

Inspiring Living

A personal essay dedicated to the egroup readers on the 2004 Christmas Holiday against the backdrop of tragedies that have struck Quezon, Aurora and the islands surrounding Indian Ocean and the sudden death of the icon of the underdogs, FPJ. Influenced by the homilies of the Simbang Gabi novena at the Gesu in Loyola and the volunteer work done by mountaineers inInfanta (MFPI) and Gabaldon (Loyola Mountaineers).


Amidst the difficulties and the tragedies we faced this December 2004,there is hope.It may not be the best period to celebrate Christmas but it is during these moments when we need to hear again the reason for the Christmas season,which is the fulfillment of the promise of redemption.

We commiserate with the residents of Quezon and Aurora who survived the flash flood that hit their provinces, to the families of the over 63,000who died in the tsunami that hit the Asian countries along the coastline of the Indian Ocean and to the legion of fans of FPJ who lost their symbol ofthe underdog.

Experiencing tragedies in this magnitude, sympathy is not enough. Thus we hear about more responsible citizens rendering services and donating relief goods heeding cries for assistance. Those of us in the pleasant company of our family connected online and read emails should go beyond sympathizingand donating. We must inspire those who survived the tragedies to keep on living and to continue dreaming. Let us spot that window where we can implant a reason for them to continue to live.

Spread that light of hope this Christmas. Not to forget that it starts with us.

May pasko pa rin!
-Chito Razon 29Dec04

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