Sunday, December 12, 2004

Is Katutubong Elvis Relevant at this Time?

Is Katutubong Elvis Relevant at this Time?

Why stage a concert party when the east coast is still in the searchand rescue mode and not even in the initial stages of recovery? The mountaineering community at the very least should condole and console with the victims and pester the loggers whether legal or not `til they realize their wrongdoing. Why continue with Elvis even if it is on its 11th year providing the climbing crowd its distinctparty format only they can understand?

Romy Lee should continue with the concert this Friday at the UPLagoon because it is an event that has nearly achieved itsinstitutionalized status in Diliman. The mountaineering icons shouldat least be maintained so ensure their presence tomorrow even if thereare no more forests at the rate we are stripping them off.

Go to UP Friday night. Because it can still be relevant. It willpay tribute to the first batch of rescue volunteers in Infanta andNakar, Dingalan and Gabaldon who if not everyone knows aremountaineers. They risked lives and vulnerability struggling withthe restless spirits wanting to get settled. Katutubong Elvis in acasual way will forge solidarity with those present on theindignation against the rape of our forests.

Who wouldn't want to be in UP Lagoon when the guys who went to theeast were the same ones putting up the fences and shoveling the areafor the named artists who are performing only out of goodwill forRomy. Why, even beer was not arranged as of ingress time because the boys are still recovering. But with a little alignment, beer will beavailable.MFPI is supporting the concert says Casper.

The least we can do is to be therethis year. So when on the spot a singer composes an indignation songagainst loggers, it will at least be heard. Kita kits.

chito. razon 10dec04.



Elvis is alive! He lives with our indigenous brothers!! Rock withhim and many other bands this Friday.Please come to the "KATUTUBONG ELVIS" concert this Friday, December10 at 8:00 in the evening at the UP Diliman Lagoon area. Invite yourfriends and loved ones. This will be one heck of a rocking good time.Tickets are reasonably prices at P 100.00 each (available through me,Dennis, or at the UP Mountaineers' tambayan.) We promise a good lineup of bands.Beer (and soft drinks, and food, and so much more) will be sold atthe venue.Partial lineup of bands includes:Asin, Tropical Depression, Pinikpikan, Pan, Makiling Ensemble, Jr.,Kilat, Joey Pepe Smith, Jeepney Joyride, Skabeche, Narda, Brockas,The Mongols, Peacepipe, Romeo Lee and the Brown Briefs, and many,many more kickass bands.Thank you. Thank you very much.For more ticket information, please reply to this email "denshowman"<aap_dlopez@g...>

==================Tuesday, January 13, 2004 12:45 AM

Decoding Da Vinci with Romeo Lee By TOTEL DE JESUS

If there's one peaceful soul out there who has successfully defiedthe laws of high society and nature, it can only be punk musician-visual artist Romeo Lee.In some circles, Lee is popularly known as the lead vocalist of therock band The Brown Briefs. Just recently, he organized the well-attended concert Elvis for President at University of the Philippines-Diliman as tribute to The King -- then again, without alluding to DaKing running for president.With consistent irreverence to pop culture, his solo exhibits havetraversed the unconventional and humorous. His first solo outing wasthe intriguingly titled HIStolee, which was held simultaneously withMichael Jackson's HIStory concert in Parañaque City more than adecade ago. There have been many other high-profile outings since,including last year's kick-ass Lee Almighty (after Jim Carrey's BruceAlmighty) with internationally acclaimed Filipino visual artist andformer UP classmate Manuel Ocampo.Opening the year at Finale Art Gallery in SM Megamall, Lee goes soloagain with MonayLeeSa, which obviously alludes to Leonardo da Vinci'smasterpiece. Lee explores in 36 oil paintings the various aspects ofbeing -- oh, well, Romeo Lee.Mallrats passing by the gallery can't help but notice the new versionof da Vinci's mysterious lady. Students, especially those majoring infine arts, can be seen entering the gallery and immediately gigglingover Lee's paintings. Not that they found them ridiculous but it'sthe kind of glee that only Lee can provide to the young through hisworks.Most noticeable among the works is Sadako Ini, whose subject is takenfrom a character in the Japanese classic horror flick The Ring. Leemanaged to mix the image of da Vinci's lady and Sadako, giving it aVisayan twist. Another is titled Twitty in the Big City, which hasdictator Adolf Hitler being "sucked" by a bird.There are many versions of MonayLeeSa but more conspicuous is the onetitled MonayLeeSa (backview), where the "model's" back is, indeed,depicted with details of the skull, blood vessels, brain section andanything you might see in a head autopsy. More self-explanatorymasterpieces include Lee Chon (after roasted pig), Oil Lee andHealthy Options (after that popular store of all-natural healthproducts).There is an intriguing small painting called NTTHBDIWNHTBDA. It hasnothing to do with texting lingo or a military code that can startanother spectacle at Edsa, but it actually suggests Lee's message tothe legion of fence-sitters in the art world, especially thepretentious lot whose only achievement is having a bloodstreamconsistently saturated with cannabis, nicotine and alcohol, theirhair deliberately grown long and unkempt for all the chicks -- andart critics -- to gush over what is nothing more than an "artist ako,pare" façade.But we're not giving out what those letters mean but you can find outby going to Finale Art Gallery and check out MonayLeeSa, which runsuntil January 18. Because some of the aforementioned pieces are soldalready, Lee promises to include more new paintings -- which, as ofthis writing, are still being conceptualized in his fertile mind.Please send your comments or feedback to newsfeedback@a...TODAY

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