Monday, March 12, 2007

You link me up

You link me up

The long wait for the Doroteo Jose-Recto LRT pedestrian walkway has partially ended. This major infrastructure project which will allow the change of train from LRT1 to 2 and vice versa without stepping on the road was opened to the commuting public this 10 March 2007 but only on one side-from Recto to Monumento. This should spare the train commuter from the hazards of crossing Rizal Avenue and Oroqueta. Once completed, it will seamlessly connect NCBA/ St. Bridget (Katipunan) to La Salle/ St. Scho (V. Cruz). Based on the pacing, the Recto to Baclaran linkage may be ready in a month or two. By the way, LRT2 tickets are acceptable at the LRT1.

Two Corrections:
1. It took 5 months to complete the pedestrian crossing to the Dorotheo Jose-Baclaran route not in a month or 2 that I originally projected. As of 15 September 2007, I walked from the LRT2 station at Recto to the LRT1 station at the Dorotheo Jose East side on the way to Baclaran without going down to Rizal Avenue. The elevated walkway was finally operational about a month ago. From the walkway, you need to walk up to about 2 floors before you can reach the other side. Safer than crossing Rizal Avenue. There are escalators and elevators for the inactive ones.
2. You need to purchase separate tickets for LRT1 and LRT2. You can enter using the LRT2 ticket but you can not use the ticket to exit.

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