Friday, March 16, 2007

Remembering the Past

Remembering the past

Prompted by the features of pinoy bloggers, I went to see the awardee of the Unesco 2005 Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Awards, the FEU campus. FEU was cited by Unesco for the project "... in the context of its immediate neighborhood, the project has had a significant effect on raising historic awareness in the community. The project maintained a commendable balance between preserving original building design and use while accommodating the university's modern needs." Indeed FEU is a breather in the congested Quiapo District of Manila. Its well maintained campus is a stark contrast to its nearby neighbor the former Bilibid Prison.

As I logged in at the visitor’s lounge of the university auditorium, I spotted an exhibit organized in partnership with the Philippine Veterans Bank “The War Of Our Fathers-A Tribute To The Filipino Freedom Fighters.” In black and white photos with full documentation, one was reminded of the destruction of Manila, the atrocities of war and courage and valor of the Filipinos.

Fr. James B. Reuters, S. J. wrote in the welcome billboard "When those of us, who lived through those days, die…the world will forget..." Through pictures, inscriptions and video presentation, one gets to see what was the painful past.

The exhibit was on its last day last 15 March and will move to another venue in the province. War of our Fathers is on a national roadshow courtesy of the bank.

Two historical moments in 2 hours reminded us there was glory then in the 40's called Manila.

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