Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trekking Preparation 1st Post

Trekking Preparations Made Within Reach at Quiapo

All the personal preparations one needs for an expedition trek to the Himalayas are all in the vicinity of Quiapo.

Upon the advice of Dr. Jodell Coates, consult with Sports Medicine Doctor, Dr. Edmund Martinez at the Hospital of the Holy Infant Jesus at Laong-Laan St. near the corner of A. Lacson Ave. (Sampaloc District) presenting the results of laboratory requirements* for an indication of a trekker’s state of health.

Most of the laboratory testings can be done at the nearby hospitals (St. Jude, UST, DOH, Infant Jesus). Laboratories at Rizal Avenue (Sta. Cruz District) in front of the DOH can process your requirements in half a day, in time for presentation to the Sports Doctor at 11 AM-2 PM at his Laong Laan clinic. Make sure you bring your specimens taken after a 10-hour fasting.

Chest xray is at P 140, CBC is P 90, routinary blood, rine and fecal analysis for P 770. Sexually related screenings are at P 740. At the Avenue Medical Lab at 1728 Rizal Avenue, this is estimated at P 1,500. Stress and advanced pulmonary tests available at the St. Jude Hospital will cost an additional P 3,000. Dr. Martinez charges a nominal consultation fee for the interpretation and supplemental diagnosis. He takes a particular look at the borderline blood reading values and the bones.

What we dread in alpine climb is the prevention of the Acute Mountain Sickness symptoms, which occurs in unacclimatized people who ascend to altitudes greater than 2,500 m. The sandy basin of Gorak Shep Everest Base Camp is at 5,160m (16,929ft ASL). The prescribed antidote is Gingko Biloba at 24% flavonoids and 6% terpenoids. The Health Express at the SMC City San Lazaro is at a reduced price of P 5.33 per capsule/30mg. Petroleum Jelly, for the prevention of dryness is sold at any nearby drugstore.

First aid requirements such as triangular bandage, elastic bandage, sterilized gauze pads will cost less than P 150 at the medical supplies at Rizal Avenue.

Your protection against the blinding whites of the snow and the sun is a rated UV sunglasses sold at Pedro Paterno St. With treated and graded lens, add P 850 to your P 1,500 quality frame.

Thermals are available at 168 Mall at Soler St. Undershirt and pants are priced at P 450-750 per set. For the outer garments, there are ukay-ukay all around in case you can live with them.

Document the awesome Himalayas with either a digital or a film camera available along R. Hidalgo St. Supplement your digital camera with a spare li-ion batttery pack (less than a thousand for branded Nikon) and an extra gigabyte of compact flash (P 800 for a gig).

Viewing the chronicle of Michael Palen of BBC entitled Himalaya that spans over 2,000 mile length of the mountain range for 6 months that started in Pakistan/Agfhan mid May 2003 ending in Bhutan in April 2004 gives you an advanced feel of the expedition. Particularly interesting is the trek from Annapurma to the Everest Base Camp. This BBC documentary titled Michale Palin Pole to Pole is spotted at Arlegui St. Complement the video with a reading of Abner Mercado’s “Sa Bubungan ng Mundo” available for P 150 at the National Book Store (Recto or Avenida). The Lonely Planet’s Nepal and Tibet makes a handy reference but for a stiff cost of P 1,500.

As Michael Palin says in his documentary, Himalayas is the natural way to get high. Paraphrased, "if it opens our eyes to the epic and the magnificent land, to experience not only the demanding physical travel but also a spiritually satisfying journey."

Lastly, after all the preparations have been made, do not forget for thanks and divine guidance at the Quiapo Church.

This alpine trek is made within reach to us because of Quiapo and its nearby districts.

*Physical preparation and capability based on health conditions as indicated by the medical tests recommended by Expedition Physician Nepal Dr. Jodell Coates covering a.) pulmonary b.) stress c.) liver, kidney and blood condition and d.) absence of sexually related viruses

**Personal First Aid Kit
1. triangular bandage (2 or 3)
2. elastic bandage 3-inch width (2)
3. sterilized gauze pad 20 pads.
4. anti histamine also for possible allergies. (Cetirizine (Virlix) 10 mg/tab 5 tabs).

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