Monday, April 02, 2007

East South North

For the Holy Week 2007 season, there are three choices for selection with my 2 other intrepid, hopefully generous co-travelers:

1. East. A revisit of Baler, Aurora estimated at 246 km from Manila with a 3-hour travel time to Cabanatuan and another 3-4 hour ride to Baler.

2. South. A revisit of the Marinduque Island with a straight line distance of 156 km from Manila, 3 hours of which is travel time to Dalahican near Lucena.

3. North. Participant in the PALMC Bontoc circuit the starting point is about 279 km from Luneta and another 3 days of non stop trekking.

How we will select is mainly on whim and the influence of other new participants. Even with the tsunami at Salomon islands last 2 April, we have not ruled out Baler. We are still open to ideas and invitations.

Map from mapzone

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