Friday, June 12, 2009

People I watched in ANC's storyline who inspire me

Raymond Manalo, a young farmer tortured by the military. Gentle yet strong and resilent. Articulate and intelligent. He was picked up by the military pressed to confess the activities of the left. Years after he escaped, his pursued his search for the truth even if it was a long shot. Raymond dreams of reuniting back with this parents and continue tilling the soil with them. Read Patricia Evangelista's story in Inqurer.

Efren “Kuya Ef!” Penaflorida Jr, an underprivileged youth who pursued his dream of education and going back to his roots through his Kariton Klasrum Library. A victim of gang wars, he put up a social group in Cavite to counter them, not with violence but with knowledge and education. Efren articulated his vision with this line . . . "We are change inspiring people one at a time to be the catalyst for change - in what we want to see in our home, community and the world we live in. Real change happens when we begin to touch one soul and change one heart at a time." Efren's parents are proud of him. Paraphrasing, "we may not have much but the honor that our children brought us is beyond value . . . "

Mario Aligayda at 9 was a juvenile delinquent and put in prison in Bacolod’s Handumanan Jail. While in detention, he was taken in by the PLDT sponsored juvenile center Bahay Pagasa founded by the De La Salle brothers. At the center, he learned how to read and write. Years after his release, he continues to stay at the center, this time paying it forward by teaching. He dreams of building a house for his father, who repairs shoes at the city sidewalk.

Pain and suffering. Strong will to succeed. Going through redemption and leading by paying it forward. Elements that drive the human spirits to greater heights.

There a lot more that I see everyday in ordinary situations but exemplifying extraordinary deeds. I just need to open my eyes to sense them so I can continue to appreciate what I am and to thank for where I am.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    ellan: isn't efren the guy in AKO MISMO?

  2. this is what times have become.. people age.. muscles weaken.. then we're left to viewing the world from our front steps...??