Thursday, June 18, 2009

Service Orientation

As individuals, we get exposed to multiple activities where we are either recipients or servers. Exchanged are either products or services or a combination of both. Compensation may not necessarily be in monetary form which is the most popular mode of payment. Regardless of how we are rewarded, the ultimate measure is satisfaction. Am I, as a recipient of the product or service completely happy?

In the commercial world here in Metro Manila, it is comforting that there is a growing consciousness for service orientation. We know we have customers and they are to be served well. As their suppliers, it is our basic requirement to keep them satisfied.

To cite a few of the positives from my personal experiences, I am pleased with the customer orientation of the service crew of most gas stations (Petron, Shell, Total), the SM sales clerks (Marikina, Cubao), fast food personnel (McDonald, Jollibee), operators and service crew of major Metro Manila wellness hospitals (St. Luke’s), call center agents (Credit Card Companies), technical services of Bayantel, sales agents of car manufacturers etc, office services (CT Service), security park attendant (Ayala in Pasong Tamo Makati).

On the other hand, there is a handful though who don't care about service at all: bus station ticket personnel (boredom?), telecoms payment counter personnel (arrogance?), call center agents (tired?), quiapo peddlers (maybe due to low floor prices?), binondo resto waiters (perhaps overworked) . . .

What treatment is different from those who make you satisfied or not as a customer? An effective supplier knows the customer’s needs and has the capability to meet that need. Delighting are those who provide more than what the customer expects. Disappointing are those who do not attempt to meet the basic need without providing a solution.

Fortunately in my experience, there are more who satisfy me more than disappoint me. I am content with that for now.

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