Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ialman Random Ruminations

Ialman in his Random Ruminations blog wrote about 8 things he got from mountaineering.

If I may add the top 3 that I got from the recreation:

  1. Focus. Every climb clearly presents a goal; to make it to the peak (and back). Climbing has taught me to be purpose-driven.
  2. Living with the basics. Anything else beyond food, shelter, clothing and reliable equipment is luxury.
  3. Appreciation for simple things. The wonder of nature, simple gestures of kindness, good health, company of friends and the completion of a task are more than enough reasons there is joy in climbing.

Whenever I am challenged in my day to day life, I only have to remind myself of the 3 mountain climbing has taught me to: focus on the purpose, equip myself with reliable basic tools and celebrate the accomplishment.

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