Sunday, April 25, 2010

Election Choices

The month is about to end. So far I have not posted any article.
On a professional level, it has been a busy month. The investors and the directors of our trans-national company made a visit to assess the progress of the local company if it is against plan compared to their investment.
  • Visits were made to check whether our front liners have indeed been making progress compared to findings last year.
  • They have not been disappointed, to my and the organization’s credit.
  • Friendships made with the sales frontliners.
  • Business indicators have been met.
On a personal level, I’ve made some wins.
  • I set up an info system network in the house.
  • All computers have been updated, new hardware acquired.
  • Friendships have been re-established.
  • New places were discovered.
  • Town halls and personal discussions were made.
  • Vacations booked.
  • Purchases made.
However, 1 query was parked which I could not commit to.
  • When is the next climb?
  • When is the next blog update?
Even could not as he has declared the Pulag Friendship climb is the last for the year. What is certain is the initial list of my senators: 1. Satur Ocampo, 2. Liza Maza, 3. Risa Hontiveros, 4. Miriam Defensor, 5. Martin Bautista, 6. Alex Lacson, 7. Sonia Roco, 8. Susan Ople, 9. Nereus Acosta, 10. Franklin Drillon. Help me decide on the next 2: it may be Gilbert Remulla or Kit Tatad or Sergio Osmena but certainly not Lito Lapid, Ramon Revilla, Imelda Papin, Tito Sotto, JPE, Joey De Venecia, JE.

Until the next article.

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