Sunday, May 09, 2010

Election Fever

We are an abundant nation if you notice the Zero Operational Excellence prevalent in Metro Manila's postering and streamer placement activities for the 10 May election. Resources are not scarce if you equate it at the rate materials and labor are wasted wantonly.
  • Manpower posts and pastes materials on the walls. Minutes later authorities scrape and tear them down. Later on more manpower plasters in another batch of posters, then authorities tear them down.
  • Today, blue streamers hang across two electric posts. In the evening the colors change to red.
  • On 10 May, thousands of sample ballots will litter the polling places. Not considering still the thousands of ballots in jumbo format wasted for wrong shading and incorrect number of entries.
Being kind to mother earth also means optimum use of limited resources. Makes one wonder, whose resources are drained during this election period.

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