Monday, May 10, 2010

Voting 2010

Voting for the Presidential, National, and local elections using automation in Miriam is chaotic and exhausting.
  1. First you must know your cluster and precinct number.
  2. Fill in a small form for sequence and verification.
  3. Fall in line to get the form signed.
  4. Move to the next line to enter the voting precinct.
  5. Enter the hall, proceed to your cluster and fall in line.
  6. Secure your ballot:
    1. Present your slip
    2. Locate Cluster, Precinct, Seguence at the Master List
    3. Sign
    4. Secure your ballot
    5. Wait for a vacant table
  7. Fill in your ballot
    1. Present ballot for PCOS scanning.  Wait for verification.
    2. Have your finger marked
    3. Thumbmark beside your name in the master list
  8. Thank the staff
We were further delayed as the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) in my cluster malfunctioned. So line did not move for about 2 hours. In the afternoon, the voters now have a better knowledge on the steps to follow. With less people in the center and the staff better familiar with the operations, the lines moved faster.

Bring hydration, sunblock, cell and pen and lots of patience. Reference card issued by candidates on cluster and precinct number is helpful. So are the volunteers from the nearby schools. Do not take for granted process management. It is the career of the future.

To cast my vote for 15 national candidates, 9 local candidates, I filled in my ballot in less than 4 minutes but lined up for about 7 hours. May my candidates appreciate what I have to go through to earn the people's mandate. The least that I expect from them, serve the greater interest of the public.

Posted while in line for 5 hours to enter the precinct 10 May 2010

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