Saturday, September 18, 2010

I will not be able to write like him

Not yet or not even in the near future.

Edward Rothstein describes the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as “A Cathedral to the Shrine of Nations” in the New York Times. He has a command of the English that even without images, I can picture the geyser at the Yellowstone Park and its movement.

To open the article, “A mist of hissing steam drifts from the mound, but every 90 minutes or so, water starts to spurt fitfully, then more aggressively, until it erupts into a tower as high as 180 feet, whose spray may be spread by the breeze toward the hundreds of viewers gathered to watch the spectacle.”

As an art reviewer, he poses a point of view which only a writer who is at home with the language can craft, “He said it was as if nature had gathered from all over the world “specimens of her rarest fountains, to show in one place what she can do” -an exhibition to which any human curatorial effort must defer.”

It will take a major intervention before I can write like Edward R. To write well, one must have the facility to express, a wealth of vocabulary uses correct syntax and a point of view. At least in my case, I already have the point of view.

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  1. Hmm, if I did not know better, you might have a little bit of a bug called colonialism. Let me give you a perspective.

    The guy you refer to has English as his main language. You probably have 2-3 languages which you are fluent in.

    From that perspective, you are pretty accomlished.

    As for writing like him, forget it. Write like yourself. After that is done, everything falls into place.