Sunday, January 23, 2011

Leadership Summit Insights

The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation; penetration.
The act or outcome of grasping the inward or hidden nature of things or of perceiving in an intuitive manner.
-American Heritage Dictionary
  1. Communication is important in leadership.
  2. The initial step to a genuine communication is alignment leading to act and after assessing, adjust. We tend to act immediately without truly aligning.
  3. At times we box out the other party who threatens us as perceived by disagreeing, defending and destroying. Instinctively, to survive we react by fighting, flighting or freezing.
  4. A conversation has several levels: pretense, sincerity, accurate and authentic. Focus of pretense is what I am not saying. Focus of sincerity is I am aware of the message but in content only. Accurate is both message and emotion.
  5. A productive conservation goes through a cycle of value, the extreme through a cycle of waste.
  6. We have a concept of ourselves in terms of mission, adaptability, involvement and consistency. This may be the similarly or differently perceived by our peers and direct reports. Gaps indicate our effectiveness.
  7. We have personal preferences as defined by the Myers Briggs Personality Test: we can either be introverts or extroverts in the channel of energy, understanding via sensing or intuition, making choices via thinking or feeling and acting influenced by either judging or perceiving.
  8. When we approach people to influence, our currencies are driven by: inspiration, task, people, relationship, position or a combination. We apply those most effective to us. Other people have preferences on how they want to be influenced.
  9. Managers organize the complexity, leaders prepare us for change.
  10. Leaders have an important task guided by a plan with not enough time to achieve results. They are fact based measured by a handful of controlling objectives. When faced with a quasi crisis, reserves show up to complete the task. Leaders look to the future with optimism.
Learnings are added knowledge manifested in a behavior. Behavior repeatedly done, becomes a habit. Habit extended over time is imbedded in values.

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