Monday, February 14, 2011

Fast Food Served

Today at work after a noontime mass, I decided to have a special lunch.
Special because it is Valentine’s Day.
The food outlet I selected was Jollibee, within walking distance from the church.
As it was not a regular day, I opted to get a notch order higher than the usual Spaghetti Value Meal priced at P 57.0.
I had in mind Palabok Value Meal tagged at P 72.0.
The queue was not that long.  I was the 3rd in the line.
But most of the seats were taken.
Suddenly, Kath, an order taker approached me to get the usual order in advance.
I was surprised that she volunteered to find me a seat while she placed the order on my behalf.
I gave her a hundred and agreed.
It crossed my mind that this was unusual.  I advanced her the money and may not show up.
Before other ideas popped up, she was already serving my order with my change.
Thank you Kath, the Palabok with a regular Coke tasted much better at the UN-Taft that busy lunch time.

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