Thursday, March 31, 2011

1602 khz in the AM band

I attend classes while going home by car early evenings. That’s what it sounds like while tuned in to DZUP 1602 khz in the AM band.

Various discussion points are taken up by a host professor with their highly qualified guests. This March, I listened with interest to perspectives on the importance of office grapevines, learning to appreciate Portuguese by Errol John Agustin, violence in fraternity, improving the library system, the rondalla and other topics.

Educational and informative, the medium has been teaching me with additional unexpected knowledge from the point of view of practitioners, social scientists, alumni and regular radio listeners.

What I like about the discussions are the expertise shared by young sounding professionals and the idealism of their views.  Every guest has an insight to disclose and a suggestion on how to improve situations.

Withdrawing from the daily humdrums of working, listening to the guests with their objective solutions, it is like suspending myself from reality and imagining I am back in the abstract and conceptual classroom.

When one gets disillusioned with the company of fellow workers and office situations, this is a most welcome escape.  Looking forward to what's on air tomorrow.


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