Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sitting In

I sat in a training session which maps outs a development process of an associate in a corporate organization. It imparted a main message that "an associate expedites his growth in the organization if he charts out his destiny as a leader of the self." Key is his awareness of the need for directions and support to succeed which he draws out from his immediate leader.
This development is a dynamic journey leading to a peak performance where the associate is transformed from a novice position to a reliable performer.
Driving this achievement of result is in influencing partners to help achieve one's goals.

Learning to make snow balls for the 1st time, then filling up the sleigh.
Sliding on a sleigh is another skill.  Enjoying it later is self reliance.
What I realized is each one has an inherent power to influence whether personal, relationship, position or task. It is just that we are hesitant to tap this power for several reasons: fear, comfort etc.
Life is a mystery. It capitalizes on any trigger to pin down a message. This time, it was through a sit-in session where I did not even intend to complete which I did and eventually participated in.
-Personal Notes

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