Saturday, October 08, 2011

Adventuresome Introvert

The week that passed must have been the most stretched air mileage I covered in my travel log.

Taking off from Manila on a Monday via PAL Airbus which took me to Cebu in the Visayas for a forum kicked off the loop. I returned back to Manila the following day returning back to Visayas in Silay via Air Philippines a day after. A commuter shuttle brought me to Bacolod for an activity.

Silay was a connecting air transport hub to Cebu via Cebu Pacific in a prop jet for another session Thursday PM. After an extended drinking spree with colleagues at the hotel coffee shop in the boundary of Mandaue and Cebu, I quickly packed to prepare for an early morning flight to Davao via Cebu Pacific in an Airbus.

I arrived in Davao early Friday morning with the luxury of commuting to the city proper in a public transpo for a coffee at Tata Benito’s coffee shop and arroz caldo at Davao’s Dencia’s. Rest of the day was spent facilitating a discussion in Ulas.

This swing exposed me to 2 international Centennial Terminals (2 and 3) in Manila, 2 international airports in the Visayas (Silay and Mandaue) and 1 in Mindanao in Davao, to PAL’s 747 and Cebu Pacific’s Airbus 320, Cebu Pacific Stuart Lawson prop jet and to Air Philippines’ Airbus 320. PAL’s service crews were formally dressed, Air Philippines’ casually dressed in shorts and Cebu Pacific in leisurely Bench outfits.

How was this for an adventuresome introvert?

At the PAL Centennial pre departure area, we were kept in suspense if the flight would depart or get cancelled in the light of the PALEA stoppage that started a week before. Fortunately, the flight took off though a bit delayed.

Landing in Cebu from Silay in a Cebu Pacific propeller jet was a challenge for the pilot as isolated rain caused poor visibility at the Mactan International Airport making the pilot circle wide the island several times before getting clearance for landing.

Commuting from Silay to Bacolod and back was a visual and sensual delight seeing ancestral homes, ruins, expansive green farmlands in a cool and airy surrounding.

The aerial view of the farms in Negros uniformly in green extending a wide kilometric radius was refreshing and an picture perfect setting.

All in all, I logged in at total of 1,682 nautical miles in a span of 6 hours and 15 minutes excluding the waiting and the check in time.

This week’s travel added to confidence to my travel sense. It validated that even with several linkages, multiple destinations and transfers, unarranged land travels I can manage. Supporting my travel were agents based in Manila who ensured I get booked in teh airline of my choice even if arranged a day or so before and the base organizers who have pre-arranged the business requirements of forums. I attribute this to a clear road map, discipline and appropriate resources.

It is fulfillment and enjoyment. An adventursome introvert like me after all loves mobility provided I have a base to come home to, to refresh and to prepare myself for the next one.

Traveler equipped with basics such as versatile 30 liter carry on, compact Nikon camera, Centro phone, all surface Rockport-Adidas walking shoes, Ralph Lauren jeans, Mountain Hardwear shirts,  waterproof and breathable Montbell particle jacket.  Expenses funded by a sponsor.
Map from Cebu Pacific Route

Cebu to Manila is 571 kilometers (equals to 354 miles or 308 nautical miles.)
Manila to Bacolod is 488 kilometers (equals to 303 miles or 263 nautical miles.)
Bacolod to Cebu is 112 kilometers (equals to 69 miles or 60 nautical miles.)
Cebu to Davao is 404 kilometers (equals to 251 miles or 218 nautical miles.)
Davao to Manila is 974 kilometers (equals to 605 miles or 525 nautical miles.)
Total in miles 1,682 nautical miles, 6 hours and 30 minutes of travel excluding the waiting

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