Saturday, November 12, 2011

5 Incidents That I am Grateful for and Appreciative of:

  1. Alvin of Open Pinoy patiently cleaned the 15.1 LCD screen of my Think Pad removing the spots inside the glass panel this 12 November, Saturday. Diversion to surfing will now be minimized.
  2. Habagat Davao sent via JRS the pair of metal braces for the Kinabalu Travel Pack bought almost a month ago and received today Saturday. Pack can now be loaded with more kilos of pomelo for my next trip.
  3. An elderly gentleman with carts of groceries offered me a slot in front of him at the check out counter of S and R in Quezon City two weeks ago. The gesture was timely as I was in hurry to bring in supplies to a luncheon which is due in several minutes.
  4. Closed the 5 month cadet ship session of 10 appreciative engineers this 11.11.11. It is gladdening to hear from a feedback at the end of the day that "they are now better prepared for the eventualities of tomorrow's realities."
  5. Heard my name specially mentioned by Jane of Tropang Radyo of DZUP 1602 AM while driving along C5 last 11 November Friday night at about 7.  I happen to be a fan of the AM station which is now one of my rich sources of ideas, insights and inspiration.

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