Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Saturday Morning Field Trip

There were four reasons to take a Saturday sojourn before the long break in October 2012:
1. To day climb 2. To introduce climbing to an associate 3. To revisit Vivere Azure and 5. To test drive a tough vehicle.
A climb is my antidote to the stress triggered by difficulty faced at work and stimulating personal conditions. The heavy breathing at the start purges the negative sentiments. The inhalation upon reaching the peak brings in refreshed outlook.

Introducing somebody to an ecstatic climb and to a new destination is a way of sowing gladness and expanding more possibilities in life whose windfall is felt over an extended period of time.

Vivere Azure imprinted in me an impression of an exclusive resort with customer service deeply imbedded in their staff. The feeling of delight simply flashes back to me by merely sight of the place in Anilao.

Test driving is a practical task that made this all happen. Standards were met.

Leaving Barangay San Teodoro completing all the four activities in less than a day is respite from the taxing past quarter activity. It recharged me to better face the demands of the closing two months of year 2012.

The antidote works fast. Immediately after the short climb, I received an email from the Chief himself stating how pleased he was with the output of a previous project.

A fitting close to this Saturday morning program is the adage “recall the past for its learning and positive association but look forward more to the developing future ahead.”

Foto taken by PJ using Iphone technology

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