Friday, December 10, 2010

Exploring a Concept Beachfront Complex

Exploring a Concept Beachfront Complex

Work brought me to a spot in South Luzon 4 hours away from Manila, 5 for those who got trapped in the traffic.

It was a place I have not heard of although I have been in the town of Mabini in Batangas several times in the recent years.

Preparing the servings
Armed with a little knowledge from the internet hours before arriving, I looked forward to appreciating Vivere Azure, a view of the sea and the comfortable facilities.

The sojourn surprised me. What I have experienced in my several days’ stay did not match my initial outlook.

Staging to welcome guests
There was service that distracted the main attraction, good food that provided the nutrition desperately needed from the exhausting walks to several facilities.

The staff made sure we, the guests were satisfied, needs taken care of and forthcoming ones anticipated in advance.
Was it because we were the only guests? Or was it because the service orientation has been imbedded in their disposition?

I did not ask Aries, Edison, Ariel, Joven, Rose and the rest of the crew anymore.

It was enough that through their manifested behavior, they were already saying they have a strong ownership to delighting customer.

I just explored a place and discovered a lot more, an attitude.

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