Thursday, January 10, 2013

Training That Matter

Faced in critical situations, what prompts to cross over to overcome are not skills and competencies but personal values. Values are deeply rooted principles that mold our character manifested in our behavior. Training programs  that influenced where I am.


Nephew from the tropics learning how to make snow balls
1.  Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Effective Leaders. Defining personal mission.  Make the self-independent, working interdependently leads to greater results
2.  Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership. Leaders’ awareness that for every situation, there is a corresponding leadership style based on competency and motivation level
3.  Appreciative Inquiry. 4Ds to reach the destination from Discover to Dream, Design and Destine
4.  Heroic Leadership, a personal self-transformation program from me to a leader to a leader with a cause

5.   Performance Management System, how to drive a business unit to a high performing unit through the 5 elements of performance management system
6.  Cross Functional Performance Management System, a simple approach in driving a business units performance to a high performing unit
7.   Ateneo Regis MBA Program, a condensed business management course to develop leaders in driving the organization
8.   Team Building. Mission Vision Setting. Change Management and 4S Assessment. A transformational course to align people to a common goal. Values and drivers are identified that lead to the vision
9.   4 Disciplines of Execution. Score card setting to drive results from the execution. 1. Focus on the Wildly Important 2. Act on the Lead Measures 3. Keep a Compelling Scoreboard 4. Create a Cadence of Accountability
10.  Leadership Summit. Assessing how we are as leaders who have an important task guided by a plan with not enough time to achieve results
Visualizing a dream
11.  Achieve Global Professional Sales Coaching. Effective Coaching Conversation. Transferring skill and competency to an associate
12.  Collaboration for Value.  Working together starting with understanding customers’ needs and working operating model can lead to deeper satisfaction. Connect.  Create. Align. Execute
13.  Glendinning Negotiating Skills. Transition from negotiation to a structured commercial selling
14.  6 Sigma.  Quantitative based productivity measure communicated in structured format
15.  DDI Service Plus Beyond Customer Expectation.  Presentation Skill Certification on service orientation
16. Basic Call Procedure. Persuasive Selling Format. Most effective and simplest planned sales call to sell in and to close a sale


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