Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bohemia along Malingap St.

Bohemia is no longer just at Malate or in Cubao Expo. There is a destination at Malingap st. in Teacher’s Village Quezon City with a similar character. Like a Food Court in an outdoor setting, there is variety of food stalls representing various cuisines. Stalls have their distinct modest architecture and food specialties. Backyard, a stall serving pizza and processed meat is a creation of an assortment of second hand items.

Stall owner, a Norwegian-Filipino is in a hospital radiology construction venture. While the business arrangement among other concessionaires appears to have no written rules, there seems like a structure. Beer is available only at the beer outlet managed by the lot owner. There are no competing menus with other stalls. Rest room is shared. Cuisines available per stall are Lebanese, American, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Filipino and Mexican. Customers can cross order and stay in their favorite seating area.

This compound at 33 Malingap st Teachers Village
between Kalayaan Ave and Maginhawa has no identifying name except that it is a place with limited parking space, visited by students, young professionals and the adventurous. Its other main difference from the mainstream food outlets is the stalls are manned by the owners themselves. They talk with authority about their food line from ingredients to preparation including financials. It operates only late in the afternoon and stays open until early mornings.

When this Malingap outlet starts featuring a live band in one of the elevated stalls in the future, I wonder if it will add to its non-traditional character.

Grabbed from Luis B.
The compound now has a name-Z Compound. Visiting recently this 2015, a new find is a Mexican resto Hijo D Pita. Hijo fulfills the expectation of a food trip. Place is bike friendly but bikers are advised to bring their own chain.

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