Friday, July 25, 2014


A recent escapade in Asia is in a relatively small island at 704 square kilometers (and still expanding) and with its forest reserve intact. Population of about 5 million (changing depending on the taxi driver) is inhabited by a mixed Asian race primarily Chinese. This country is modern with a heritage. While strict and quite authoritarian, it is a bit tolerant.
• Taxi driver says to his next passenger by cell phone, "There is a major jam, allow at 20 minute delay, OK?"
"Next time you file for a GSF refund, do it before entering the Changi immigration so I can see the items, OK?   This time I will refund."
• 20 seconds before the pedestrian traffic sign turns from Red to Green, construction workers cross the street.

It is walk friendly with exclusive pedestrian lanes from end to end, foliage from maintained trees providing protection to trekkers from the harsh sunlight. The air is refreshingly clean.
Its compactness allows mobility North to South. Board the bus, call a center for a taxi or van, hop in the North South, North East and Circle lines to move around anytime of the day.
It is a shoppers’ paradise (which is a secondary in my interest for this trip.)
You feel at home and think like work when in the central business district.
But it is a food trippers’ ecstasy. As diverse as street food to formal dining, Asian to Continental, visualize it, you will see it cooking.

View with me the documentary of the “Roamer,” the intrepid traveler in Singapore. While a part of a group, every opportunity to see the other way is grabbed. Not that extreme though as I have to be on track for the appointed moments of the exclusive family festival.

Thanks to our (family) sponsors. While a stay in the city is relatively still affordable, their generosity upgraded me several levels higher making this memorable extended weekend quite a luxurious one.

Singapore and family, a great way to fly.

Chito 7 July 2010

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