Sunday, September 28, 2014

Memories of Himalayas-Celebrating and Going Home

How does one reward himself for a successful feat?  Enjoy the moment.

Stealing socials. Drinking. At the Namche Bazaar lodge going down, deprived of socials on the way up, it was natural to crave for beer. Beer drinking was made more enjoyable with singing and dancing accompanied by a live guitar plucking. While conducted only a several minutes, it was memorable nevertheless as there was a true cause to celebrate. (View Banny Hermanos’ May2007 Filipino climbers jamming at Namche Bazaar Nepal).

Food trip. Every chance to try out a menu different from the Nepal staple food is looked forward to. When we bumped into successful Everest peak trekker Regie Pablo, we indulged in a food trip in a newly discovered outlet. KKB of course.

Shopping. No denial to a craving for a technical stuff. After all, who else deserves the finest equipment but those who survived the unknown. One must discern which is genuine or an imitation.

Partying. Thanks to the Filipino community based in Katmandu and the recognition earned by the successful summiteers, we too were accorded the same hospitality and courtesy. We are grateful for their extraordinary hosting.

Saying thanks and appreciating  the company, sponsors and fellow trekkers from Manila and Katmandu. Like any other completed tropical climb, an interaction with fellow trekker opens up a discussion on anything about the climb. It can be serious, comical and most of the time simply trivial. No talk was seen as off topic.

Communicating and documentingThis extends a 15-day trek to an open-ended period for as long as we talk about the trek. This expands the coverage from a motley group to a wider community especially with the advent of social network. Instantly triggering memories are photos from our colleagues both amateurs and professionals (Banny, Dom, Cesar, Larry, Rico among others).

Like a cycle, it starts with a plan and ends with a completion. Celebrating the completion opens up new opportunities to eventually provide reason to celebrate again. But before the glory was the humbling start.
 Fotos from the collections of Rico C. and Larry H.

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