Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pugon Pizza. Bagong Tambayan

Tell me where you can find a wood fired oven in the city. In a garage?
A place that is bike friendly in an inconspicuous garage somewhere in District 3 QC serving affordable "Italian inspired" pizza just opened this 8 January 2016.

Oven is fired by fallen tree trunks in an over sized GI sheet enclosure giving the bread a smoky flavor. The ancient cooking process is matched by old motor and pedal bikes parked or on display all over @35 Abada.

One of the partners who designed the oven and prepared the recipe disclosed that the tomato used is imported as the consistency is ensured. In support of the local farmers, my wish over the long run is sourcing from our own produce provided specifications are met.

My first education on pizza baked on Italian stoneware was by The Lone Rider who wrote about the outlet BMK Apizza then at 154 Maginhawa st. in QC which has closed down. This longing for this type of pizza was momentarily satisfied by Fruili Trattoria also along Maginhawa st. which was favorably reviewed by one of the pioneer food bloggers Anton Diaz.

Pugon Pizza in its non-traditional food outlet setting is a welcome option to pizza lovers.

Inside a big garage, this man cave where men's interest on sports, motor bikes,
sports, bicycles are scattered all over the place, this makes an ideal tambayan
for anyone who wishes for have a private sanctuary in a public place.

Buon Appetito!

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  1. A place where man doesn't have to be in his best behavior. A man's sanctuary where one takes a retreat. A place where one indulges in his recreation, music recalling college life. Now I better understand why pubs are there. In today's lingo, it is called a man cave. Yesterday, it is called a beer house.