Monday, January 25, 2016

Reel Time's Lagalag (Coachsurfers)


Initially, it was an informative narration of the function of a couchsurfer, a type of home stay of a unknown backpacker almost like a vagabond. This I assumed was booked online through a network of local hosts that matches surfers. As a home stay, there are no fees.

Host surfer basically provides shelter and practical info about places, events, culture, food, travel documentation and basic survival kit.

The short one hour episode eventually wove the narration of the deepening appreciation between the host and the visitor. It helped that the visitor is open, adventurous, practical and grounded and the host hospitable, gregarious, well-informed. What worked well for the host is the rich and diverse Philippine culture, people and natural resources behind him.

When relationship in a short span of time moved from superficial to sincere and a bit deeper, places seen from vicinity of Antipolo, Sumulong Highway to remote Pagsanjan and Boracay, the more engaging narration unfolded.

That was how Reel Time (GMA News TV 11) Lagalag put to life Nuki, Sheila, Bryan and Nathan.

I wonder how they are now two years after. (Episode replayed 25 Jan 2016 Monday 3 PM over Channel 24.)

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