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How Safe is the Water Out There in the Wilderness?

Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 10:26:55 -0000
How Safe is the Water Out There in the Wilderness?

It happens to even the prepared climber that the safe water we bring runs out leaving us with no choice but to drink from the available water source in the wilderness.

To the critical ones, the drinking the water from the wilderness is considered fatal especially so if this is not filtered or boiled. For your peace of mind, what you can do is take a sample of the water and have it tested for contaminants. Remember to identify where it was taken and when so you can share the results with fellow climbers. (Much like remembering the snake or the dog when bitten by them.)

When you reach the Metropolis, have it tested for:

  1. Water Potability
  2. Total Platecount and Coliform Testing
  3. Comprehensive Micro testing

You will know if the water you drank will cause your trouble.

Testing however comes with a fee:
Water potability test is P 300.00, coliform is P 980.00 and
microtesting is P 3,000.

For microbiological testing

  1. Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) * -FTI Compound, Taguig, Tel. 823 8071 to 82 loc. 2188, 2189
  2. UP-Natural Sciences Research Institute, Southeast corner Quirino & Roces Ave, UP Campus, Diliman QC, Tel. 920 5301 to 99 loc.
  3. 6803 SGS * - Don Tim Bldg 5468 South Luzon Expressway Makati Tel. 817 6231

* also for chemical testing

For chemical testing

  1. Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PIPAC) - Ateneo Campus, Katipunan Av. QC, Tel. 924 4587, 924 4601 to 20 loc 2921
  2. UP-Institute of Chemistry CS Bldg., Diliman QC, Tel 920 5432, 920 5301 to 99 loc. 6546

We hope that someday, someone prime moves this initiative to test the water at source as a service to the climbing community. He could be working at these institutions, a scholar, a technical student or a simple hobbyist. A club and a company or the government can sponsor. What about a grant?

Sample application:

  1. Is Halcon water really safe?
  2.  Is the Pulag water source from Camp 2 pure?
  3. Can we drink the water from the Papaya River in Tarak?
  4. What about Banahaw? In the Daguldol camp site?
  5. What is the level of contamination in the Maculot water source?
  6. In Famy?
  7. Where do you get water in Makiling? In Cristobal?
  8. In your own homes and watering holes?


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