Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Outdoors in a New Light

The Outdoors in a New Light

When you escape to the outdoors and relish the experience, you wish the moment can linger a little more. Photography comes in to capture the light.

That's the message I picked up viewing about a hundred of slides presented by PALMC president and workshop lecturer Banny Hermanos in the MFPI Creative Outdoors Photography Workshop held last 3 April at the PAL Learning Center in Padre Faura.

Taken by no less than the lecturer himself, the slides dramatize graphically the module of the workshop: the basics on the principles of photography and creative effective compositions.

Banny pointed out the principles using his works in finding the center of interest; recognizing the graphic elements of design as line, shape, form, pattern, texture and color and using the visual elements of balance, proportion, scale, content, rhythm and repetition. In words, they seem overwhelming, in pictures, they are breathtaking.

On behalf of the handful of participants who showed up for the free show, we can only be grateful. Seeing the slides of Banny is already in itself a treat. When in time we ourselves create better compositions from the techniques shared, we will appreciate even more this creating the light workshop.

tochs@excite.com 6 April 2004

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