Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Seamless 15-Minute About Half a Kilometer Elevated Walk in Makati Business District

The Seamless 15-Minute About Half a Kilometer Elevated Walk in Makati Business District

Have you tried this? Get out of the Ayala MRT terminal and enter at the SM gate leading to the new SM Makati. Your elevated walk starts the moment you step out of the MRT. You weave in at the Glorietta Complex (the former QUAD) and connect again to the parking across the bus terminal. Cross Makati Avenue and it's a non-stop walk up to Salcedo St. near the Makati Medical Center.

Perfect for a lunch break exercise. Complete it in less than 15 minutes one way unless you get drawn to the Makati working class you meet along the way. Major attractions are the new Glorietta Mall, the Enterprise Building and the Paseo de Roxas crossing.

How far is the distance? I got this report:

“The new elevated walkway running along Greenbelt 4/Ayala Museum connecting to the Glorietta is about 1,355 m from the corner of Dela Rosa/Legazpi toLandmark. The stretch from Landmark leading to the Ayala Center Terminal is 100m to the bottom of the stairs. It's hard to give a figure up to Park Square 1, since there are several possible routes.

  1. If you decide to go through Landmark and cross to Glorietta, take the main mall between Glorietta 2 and Glorietta 3 ("Makati Mall"), turn right and walk along the edge of the Activity Center, and then turn right again at the main mall of Glorietta 1 leading to the cinema ticket lobby, then cross to Park Square1, then that would be a distance of approximately 280m.
  2.  If you take the walkway all the way to the terminal, walk along West Drive, cross to Goldcrest and walk along Park Square Drive, then cross South Drive from Abenson to the arcade of Park Square 1 (fronting Perfect Pitch), that would be about 425m (including the stretch of walkway from Landmark down to the terminal. Estimated length of the stretch of walkway along Dela Rosa from the corner of Legazpi to the current end near Herrera is about 680m."

Catch you at the elevated walk. Also worth considering the 400 M Moro Lorenzo indoor gym at the Ateneo Loyola Heights Campus.


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